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Are you a doctor looking for a new career opportunity? Medical Placement steers you along your career path to achieve your professional goals.

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Medical Placement, your doctor recruitment agency

Hospitals, polyclinics, medical centres, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, etc., our Medical Placement doctor recruitment agency will take over your search for the doctor you sorely need to fill a vacancy within your department and to shore up patient satisfaction.  Don’t waste time on fruitless interviews and trial periods! We can find you the gynaecologist, ophthalmologist or other specialist who will provide your institution with the input and expertise you need.

Medical Placement's expertise and vocation

We have dozens of Medical Specialists on our books who are looking for a position that lives up to their ambitions, skills and experience. Dynamic and eager to inject their input to secure the smooth running of a healthcare institution, Medical Placement will undoubtedly find the right profile for your facility.

We know how difficult it can be to recruit a qualified doctor and we are committed to presenting you to candidates with an exemplary level of quality.


- Yves Verweyen -
Consultant en Ressources Humaines

- Sandrine Rorive -
Directeur Médical de CurePath

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Un travail sur mesure

Sur mesure

Nous considérons que chacun de nos partenaires est unique. Chaque poste de médecin à pourvoir l’est aussi, en fonction du secteur d’activité, des objectifs fixés et du public visé. Nous intégrons vos contraintes et tenons compte de vos défis pour dénicher le spécialiste qui correspond exactement à vos besoins.

No cure no pay pour nos clients en Belgique

Quand nous acceptons une mission, nous nous engageons à trouver le candidat idéal. Un engagement sans risques pour vous : nous ne demandons pas d’exclusivité, nous prenons en charge tous les risques et frais de campagne et nous pratiquons le no cure, no pay. Une méthode stimulante, qui nous challenge au quotidien.

How does the process of recruiting a doctor work?

To save you time and quickly find the doctor with a set of skills that will complement those of your institution, our search for the ideal profile takes place in 7 key steps:

Profile of the doctor required

We determine the profile of the candidate you are looking for in order to draw up the most comprehensive job offer possible.

We take our time over this crucial phase in the process of recruiting a doctor so that we can quickly present you with a suitable profile.

We analyse the profiles in our database and run a customised recruitment campaign

After analysing your needs, we consult our database to identify a profile that ticks all your boxes.

If no doctor matches the job description, we launch a customised recruitment campaign to find that coveted expert.

We conduct an in-house interview

Your time is precious. We therefore suggest that you meet only the person or persons who are most likely to hit the right note.

To do this, we conduct preliminary interviews internally in order to eliminate candidates with no potential for synergy, despite the quality of their profile.

We present the best candidates

After identifying the best profiles, we submit their CVs and career plans to you for analysis.

At this stage, you have within your reach candidates who meet most, if not all, of your selection criteria. All that remains is to choose the person or persons to go on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

You organise interviews in your institution

You organise interviews within your institution to validate the information you already have. You will then be able to put the candidate(s) in a workplace setting and ask them all the additional questions that are essential to inform your decision.

We provide support during the interview phase

We can help you prepare the interviews to increase the odds of deciding on the right candidate. Our expertise allows us to advise you on the best way to organise these interviews. The objective is naturally to find the right person for the job, but also to make them want to work in your facility.

If you are not completely satisfied with these initial interviews, we will launch a more selective doctor recruitment campaign. We will work with you to identify areas where candidates have not been up to scratch in order to fine tune your search even further.

We help finalise the recruitment of a doctor

Congratulations! We have fulfilled our role and succeeded in bringing together two partners who will team up for the next part of the journey.

Finally, we support you in finalising the administrative and technical aspects of the recruitment process.

Key figures


12 years of experience in placing medical specialists


More than 200 health professionals placed


Over 100 partnerships across Europe with institutions active in the health sector

Les dernières offres d’emploi disponibles

Découvrez sans attendre nos dernières offres d’emploi pour vous faire une idée du niveau d’exigence que nous avons envers tous nos candidats-médecins spécialistes.

Les dernières offres d’emploi disponibles

Découvrez sans attendre nos dernières offres d’emploi pour vous faire une idée du niveau d’exigence que nous avons envers tous nos candidats-médecins spécialistes.

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